In order to add convenience for patients and surgical clinics, Dr. Davis offers evaluations through telepsychology while the patient is at the surgical clinic. Dr. Davis has Business Associates Agreements with all technology companies in order to be HIPAA compliant. His practice also complies with APA Guidelines on the Practice of Telepsychology.


  1. The clinic schedules the patient through this link. Appointments are generally available within 1 to 2 weeks.                                                                                                                        
  2. The patient arrives at the surgical clinic 2 hours prior to the appointment to complete psychological testing. After filling out basic paperwork, the patient completes the testing with an iPad, supplied by Dr. Davis. He will have access to the results immediately upon completion of the tests.
  3. Dr. Davis conducts a clinical interview through VSee, a video conference service. 
  4. A final report is sent to the clinic within 1 week offering a clear opinion about the patient's appropriateness for surgery.
  5. Davis Psychological Services, PC takes care of all billing. The clinic will be compensated for staff time involved in the process.

Dr. Davis will provide training for all clinic staff  and can be available for case consultation meetings.


Dr. Davis has developed a specialty in the area of bariatric surgery pre-operative evaluations. Since 2006, he has completed over 1,300 evaluations.

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